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AdRewards for advertisers Alpha

Brief explanation of what AdRewards means for advertisers

AdRewards makes it possible for community owners to let their community watch advertisements. The person who has watched the advertisement gets a small reward from the community owner so that the viewing of advertisements is stimulated. The community owner then receives a small reward for each view provided by us.

Advertising on AdRewards can be done at an amazingly cheap price. You also get a live dashboard with statistics at no extra cost! You can also advertise on AdRewards without having a company.

You can advertise on AdRewards with two options. Option 1: Video ads from a minimum of 20 seconds up to a maximum of 45 seconds. Option 2: Banner ads, with a size of 120x600 pixels.

Short explanation video

Want to know more, go take a look at the possibilities we can offer for you!

(We are currently only focused on gamers!)